Partnership Missions


At Zion Baptist, we believe we are to be a Missional Church.  We desire to do more than go to church, we are to be the Church.  A Missional Church lives out its faith each day as missionaries to our schools, work, family, and community.  We strive to be the presence of Christ in our own community.  Our challenge is to live our missional faith in everything we do.  As we follow the example of Christ, we are sent to serve others.  At Zion Baptist Church, we work together helping others through a variety of different mission partnerships.

Zion Baptist Church mission partners:

Cecilia Beck-Buffalo Street missions, Men’s and Women’s Shelter in Cleveland County, Hospice of Cleveland County, Shelby Baptist Men’s Camp, Haiti Orphanage, and Guatemala Mission.  (Note these are just a few of the many mission partners we have supported and continue to support in a variety of ways.  Let us know if you are interested in helping serve.

Haiti Partnership Missions

Zion Haiti Partnership

Cecilia Beck

Buffalo Street ministries

Guatemala Missions

Guatemala Partnership Missions

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