Sunday School

Sunday School

Children’s Division

 Birth to 1 year olds — Room126,  2 & 3 year olds — Room 125,  K -5th grade — Room 124, 

Youth Division

 6th to 12th  grade — Room 302 or Room 306

Adult Division

Friendship Class Young Adults – Room 205  This class of young adults not only enjoy fellowship during Sunday school but also are a support group outside the church. New members are welcome.

Fellowship Class                  Adults – Room 137    This class is primarily couples in their 30’s and 40’s. All are welcome to join our casual setting class where our emphasis is the discussion of the scripture and the effect it has on our modern lives and situations.

Discipleship Class               Adults – Room 135   This class consists of a diverse group of adults who are of a wide variety of ages. The teacher led lesson with open discussion focus on spiritual growth and applying God’s word in life today. There is never a dull moment in this class and their Christian fellowship is shared beyond the classroom. Newcomers are always welcome.

Hubert Wellmon Co-ed Class  Adult Couples–Room 134   This class consists mainly of couples in their 40’s and up, but welcomes everyone, including adults whose spouses are involved in other departments or in jobs which require weekends. Lessons follow the “Uniform Bible” series and are presented in a lecture – discussion format, with emphasis on personal application. Members are fun-loving, caring, and service-oriented. Listen…you will find us. We are usually the rowdiest class!

Young Adult Class              – Room 136   This class consists of the single and  married couples in the church. They enjoy the fellowship of each other as they study God’s Word and grow spiritually together. This energetic class loves fellowship in and out of the classroom and invites other couples to join their class.

Libby Senter Class                     Adult Ladies – Room 112   This class is named after Libby Tarleton Senter, a Southern Baptist missionary and former church member, who died while serving in Africa. Her memory is honored by being a service-oriented group, using time and talents for ministry and mission work in the church and community. Lessons are primarily discussions of how to apply God’s word to daily lives.

Webb Kiser Class                Men of All Ages – Room 117     Led by class members, this group uses Bible-based literature. Through open discussion, members learn more about the Bible and how to apply it to their everyday lives. This group of committed Christian men has a sharing and praying fellowship.

Men of Strength Class                   Mature Men – Room 113     This is the men’s senior adult class. This group uses the Ventures and Pathways Family Bible Study series. Through a facilitator and open discussion, members learn more about the Bible and how to apply it to their everyday lives. This group of men has experienced many world events. Several members of this class served our country in the military conflicts of the last century and are a living testimony to the faithfulness of God. New members are always welcome.

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