Proverbs Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6pm via our Zion Baptist Church Facebook for a time of prayer and Bible study.  (The study and prayer time will also be available  via our church website.) 

Proverbs – Wisdom for Everyday Life

Within our current situation, our ‘normal’ way of life has been pushed aside.  We have had to change, adapt, learn a ‘new normal’ way to live.  There have been many days I have found myself searching for direction, needless to say, searching for wisdom.  The book of Proverbs is based on the understanding that our human wisdom is limited, but the wisdom of God is limitless.  Some of the early Church fathers, medieval monks, spoke of “chewing” the words of Scripture, “like grains of spice until they yield their full savor.”  These wise monks would concentrate on one “bite” of Scripture at a time, reading, listening, meditating, praying, and pondering it over and over throughout the day.  There is so much wisdom to gain from Proverbs; too many bites for one sitting.  We need to take our time with these nuggets of wisdom to pray, ponder, and meditate on them and in turn apply them to our faith lives.

Our challenge for the month of July is to read one chapter of Proverbs a day (31 chapters) for the 31 days in July.  As you read the daily chapter, take time to look for one verse or several words or phrases that speak to you.  Take those words and “chew” on them throughout the day.  Search for ways you can apply those words of wisdom to your life.

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