More Than Enough

During this global pandemic brought on by the virus, some of our favorite and trusted items
were hard to find. Do you remember driving around town looking for gas pumps that didn’t
have plastic bags over the handles? What did you feed your family when you went to pick up
a bag of frozen chicken wings and they were no where to be found? Let’s not even discuss
the TP shortage, right? These experiences have taught us what it is like to live with a sense of
scarcity. Looking at the big picture, we have done okay here in the US compared to some
third world countries that daily struggle with having enough water, power, and food. Our
current sermon series will help us to shift our focus to what is means to live with a sense of
abundance, not scarcity. When we trust God we will discover there is More than Enough.
10/31—Enough to Love— Mark 12:28-34
11/7—Enough to Give– Mark 12:38-44
11/14—Enough to Know– Mark 13:1-8
11/21—Enough to Live– John 18:33-37

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