Monthly Mission

September Monthly Mission:

Haiti Earthquake disaster relief
On Saturday August the 14th, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southern part of Haiti. A country that already struggles with extreme poverty and social and political unrest is in much need of our prayers and financial support. Many of the churches, schools, and orphanages have been damaged. The immediate need is to provide clean water and food assistance. Marc and Evelyne Brice, our partner missionaries in Haiti, have been tirelessly working to help those in need. If you feel led to help financially, you can send donations to Zion Baptist, marked Haiti, or donate online at
Below is a letter from Marc and Evelyn of estimated costs for food assistance to those in need:

Dear beloved in Christ,
Peace of God be with you. After the devastating earthquake that hit/destroyed the Great South on Saturday, all our churches, schools, buildings, and the like, are either destroyed or severely damaged. Our brothers and sisters are confused, perplexed; they don’t know what to do or where to go. We are still trying to access the damages and see how we could help. For now the most urgent needs are foods and products of necessities ( tents, lamps, water, bleach, etc.)
Below is an estimated draft for Immediate Needs in Food/Cash for 4,207 Persons:
Qt Items Unit Price Total Price
143 bags –  Rice $20.50 –  $2931.00
52 Beans  – 46.00  – 2392.00
47 Corn  – 35.00  – 1645.00
118 bails Spaghetti  – 9.50  – 1121.00
52 cases Hareng  – 55.00  – 2860.00
42 cases Cooking Oil  – 50.00  – 2100.00
168 cases Washing Soap  – 13.50 –  2268.00
Sub Total $15,317.00
Cash to be given 3,450.00
Miscellaneous/Fuel 1,532.00
Grand Total $20,299.00
Note: This is a partial estimate of urgent needs from the people of the different churches that we were able to reach . As of today, due to road/driving conditions and poor phone services, we were not able to reach several affected areas where we have churches.

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