Lent 2021

     It is hard to imagine we will soon begin the season of Lent, and in 40 short days (not including Sundays), we will be celebrating Easter. Never did I imagine we would still be dealing with the virus,
wearing masks, social distancing, and not be able to gather as a church family as we have in the past. Yet
here we are, we have made it this far, and we will continue forward.
     The past year we have been looking at God’s Unfolding Story each Sunday. We heard stories of creation
and crisis, calling and captivity. We looked at the many adventure stories of Jesus. As we begin the season
to prepare for the Easter Celebration, we will start a new series—Joining Jesus’ Adventure. If you have ever
run a race, then you most likely have experienced all the emotions of the starting line. Anticipation and
excitement of the race. Anxious nerves and worry if your training has prepared you for this moment. As the
race begins, those nerves turn to energy as you set off to do your best. Too often, many view their faith as a
finish line, thinking, “ I have made it, I believe in Jesus, life is good, nothing more to do.” However, when
we Join Jesus’ Adventure, it is actually a starting line. We partner with Jesus to go about God’s mission as
we run the race of life. Yes, there may be hills and hard moments, but we are not running alone. We invite
you to join us each Sunday during the season of Lent where each week we will look at Jesus’ most
concentrated teaching, in the Sermon on the Mount, (Matthew 5-7).
2/21—”A New Identity” – Matthew 5:1-16
2/28—”A New Path” – Matthew 5:17-48
3/7—”Your Secret Life” – Matthew 6:1-18
3/14—”Why we Worry and Judge” – Matthew 6:19-7:12
3/21—”The Choice is Yours” – Matthew 7:13-29
3/28—Palm Sunday ”A Different Kind of Parade” – Luke 19:29-46
4/2—Easter Sunday “ Everything Must Change” – Luke 22:39-23:56

Ash Wednesday Contemplative Service– FLC 2/17
Join in a self guided, socially distanced, and safe Ash Wednesday Contemplative Service of Stations.
Folks will pick up an individual bag of prepackaged items to be used at some of the nine stations located in
the FLC. You will simply enter the FLC by the elevator entrance, and proceed to any station of your choosing. If someone is already at one of the stations simply choose another station or wait quietly for them to finish. There is no particular order to take for each station, except for Ashes, let this be your last station. Folks
will then exit by the Small Dining Room side of the FLC. Stations: Clay, Water, Offering, Bell, Oil, Salt
and Light, Forgiveness, Meditation, and Ashes.

Lenten Prayer Service Online
Join us each week on Wednesdays at 12 noon via Zoom for a brief time of devotion and prayer. We
will begin February 23rd and

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