Job Bible Study

Join us for our Wednesday Evening Prayer Time and Bible Study of the book of
Job, online at 6pm via our Facebook page or church website directly following. Tony
and Jan Cartledge, the writers of the study guide, “Job—Into the Fire, Out of the Ashes,’
share the following about the book of Job: “You have heard of the patience of Job,’ said
one New Testament writer (James 5:11). But have you heard of his impatience?
Readers will soon learn that Job’s patience lasted barely a week. Shortly after suffering
unspeakable tragedies, Job spoke surprisingly impassive words of acceptance and trust
in God in the face of loss. After seven days of suffering in silence, however, Job filled
the air with complaints and accusations toward the God who had repaid his righteousness with
ravaging. All people who live long enough will experience suffering and unexpected sorrows that lead
them to join Job in questioning whether God is playing fair. Questions come easily; answers are hard.
Studying the story of Job requires us to enter a dark world that is sometimes painfully like our own.
Sometimes, like Job, the lesson we learn may be that there are no clear answers or that we may be
asking the wrong questions. The book of Job recounts a dark and dangerous journey toward unseen
insights that challenge both human assumptions and traditional theological beliefs. Those who dare to
enter Job’s world may discover that their own world–or view of the world–has changed in surprising
ways. In the end, however, those who stick with the ancient sufferer may discover spiritual depths that
had not previously imagined.”

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