What is an Ingathering? Upon coming to Zion, this was the
first time in all my experience in church life to hear this word
ingathering. It’s definition is as follows— a gathering in , especially of farm products, harvest; a gathering together of persons,
assembly, congregation. Ingathering can also be used as a verb–
to gather, to harvest, to assemble. The Thanksgiving Ingathering we traditionally observe here at
Zion Baptist Church is a special offering given to be used for a specific purpose or need. This tradition began a long time ago as farmers in the community would set aside a portion of their crops for
this special offering. What a wonderful tradition for this church to follow, to set aside a portion of
that God has blessed to be used for the Kingdom. We give thanks to God for these blessings. We
also give thanks to God for allowing us as His people to ingather. We gather together each week as
a church family to worship, to give, to serve, to love. I am thankful to be a part of this church family
and look forward to taking part in our Ingathering tradition.
This year our Ingathering will be an offering for the Ronnie Blanton family. Ronnie has done so
much for Zion Baptist in many different ways. He served and helped the church through his work
on the House and Grounds Committee, overseeing a new roof on our church and installing new front
doors on our church sanctuary, with Hands On Mission projects building handicap ramps, tables for
the children’s homes, and bookcases for a literacy mission project. Ronnie also served most
recently as a deacon at Zion Baptist. Folks can mail in, donate online, or drop off their I

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