Gods Creative Connection

Our Current Sermon Series is entitled God’s Creative ConnectionAt Pentecost, God sent His own creative spirit to bring life and power into the new church.  In the weeks after Pentecost, we will look all the way back to Genesis to see the ways that God’s creative power has called people to follow and serve.  Then and still, God works creatively to redeem humanity, restore the created order to its original, “very good” status, and reconnect what is divided.  God’s vision of a world of persons connected to one another and to God will be realized, even if God has to use some very creative methods to do so.  Upcoming Sermons; Spoken into Creation, Genesis 1:1-2:4  – God’s voice creates and invites us to create as well.  Creative Hospitality, Genesis 18:1-15 – When we welcome guests, we welcome God. Creating Promise Out of Pain, Genesis 21:8-21 – God works to redeem what humans mess up.  Will God Provide?, Genesis 22:1-14- We trust God when we don’t understand.  Designing Love, Genesis 24:34-38 – God brings people together for lifelong relationships.

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