Alive in the Story of Jesus

God’s Unfolding Story: Moving Forward in Faith – A Year Through the Bible. God is not
finished with us. We are still being made and created. We still are able to learn, mature, think,
change, and grow. We have the freedom to choose our paths, we can move forward, grow,
adapt, change, or we can stay put, regress, lose our way. Which path will we take, which road
will we choose for our continuing faith journey? Our faith was never intended to be a
destination, a status, or a even a Tupperware container for all our spiritual stuff. We open up
the container when we need something spiritual, then close it and put in back in the fridge
until we may need it again. Faith is not the destination, but the journey. Faith is the road we
take. Faith is our path from the old broken ways into the new creative life God has gifted. The
road we take as part of our faith journey leads us into the future. As we have experienced this
year, sometimes our future is unknown, we can’t count on the past ways or normal life to
comfort us; things change, and we must adapt, change, and move ahead the best way possible.
We invite you to join us on a special journey where we walk towards an unknown future
trusting God to move us forward in faith. Each week we will look at a story of God’s
presence, protection, and providence of God’s people as they strive to move forward in faith.
The road of faith is not finished, there is still much for us to learn. Many we all keep walking
the path God has placed before us, may we be encouraged by past stories of faith, may we
trust God to lead us into our future stories, and may we allow God to create in us what is
needed for us to move forward in faith.
January 3 – Boy Jesus: Luke 2:39-3:14
January 10 – Jesus’ Invitation to Discipleship: Luke 4:1-30; 5:1-11
January 17 – A faith that works wonders: John 2:1-12
January 24 – Jesus the teacher: Mark 4:1-34
January 31 – Jesus and the multitudes: Luke 5:17-32
February 7 – Jesus heaven, and hell: Luke 16:19-31 or Matthew 25:31-40
February 14 – Jesus, violence, and power: Matthew 16:13-17:9

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