Life Groups

          We are looking to add another small group ministry for the upcoming spring months, and hopefully the fall, called Life Groups.  The goal of these groups will be inreach and outreach.  The opportunity to build and strengthen relationships within our church, (inreach), and being intentional to invite others to join the group, (outreach).    In addition to fellowship and building relationships, another purpose of these groups will be to learn and grow in our faith.  Study topics will depend on each group.  Some groups may choose to study a specific book of the Bible, a book study, a life topic, or discuss the weekly scripture and sermon.  One Life Group offered this spring will be the Finance Peace class, helping individuals and couples learn more about managing their monies and resources. 

What? Life Groups

When? Life Groups will meet from 4—8 weeks, depending on each group.  Some groups may meet weekly on a Sunday evening, while other groups may meet every two weeks on a Tuesday evening.  Groups for this Spring may begin as early as March 8th week.

Where?  Life Groups will meet either at church or in the community, typically in someone’s home.

Who?  Life Groups are open to anyone who wants to participate, or has an interest in the specific topic of study.  Groups are also encouraged to invited guests. 

How do I get involved?  In order for us to offer several Life Group studies, we need Hosts, Facilitators, and participants.  A Host would be someone who opens up their home, or church space, for the group to meet.  A Facilitator would be someone who leads the study and discussion.  Participants are folks who attend, learn, discuss, and hopefully strengthen their faith.  Groups can have signups for different folks  to bring pickups each week and some alternate to provide childcare.

If you are interested in Hosting, Facilitating, or simply Participating you can sign up at church or call the church office.

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