Online Giving Info

To Give on line first click on the GIVE ONLINE link from the Online Giving Page-

     Next click on the First Time? >New User Registration link.  Create a user account by entering in all the required information.  Password must be at least 8 characters and include a combination of letters and numbers.












Once you click Submit ,you will be registered and ready to give.  Next, enter the amount you wish to give and select the fund you want your gift to go towards, for example, General Church Budget, Haiti Missions, and Youth.  You can select up to 3 funds to give towards per transaction.  Enter your Card and Card Holder information and click Submit to send your gift. 


   Also, Registered Users can click on Scheduled Giving to set up automatic donations to reoccur weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or specified intervals.  You will also be able to see a record of all your online giving donations. 


Online Gifts can be one time donations where folks are not required to register a user account.  To make a one time gift click on the Quick Give option.  Enter the donation amount, select the fund, then enter your Card and Card Holder Information and click Submit to send your gift.