Zion Baptist a Missional Church

Is there a better way of doing church?  Many churches find themselves asking this question when faced with the challenges of today.  We are living in a changing community, culture, and world.  Churches must look for ways to reach folks among the change.  A missional church seeks to not only focus inward, but outward towards the community.  A missional church is made up of missionaries seeking to live out their faith within their own context, to be the presence of Christ in their work, school, home, and community.  A missional church does more than just come to church, it realizes the call to be the church.
Many of us are passionate about sports, the arts, and other interests.  Are we as passionate about our faith?  Milfred Minatrea writes in his book, Shaped by God's Heart,  several passions common to a missional church.  Our goal at First Baptist is to have these same passions as a church, in order to be the type of church God has called us to be.

A Passion for Loving God-
  In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus shares with us the Greatest Commandment; To love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.  We are commanded to love God with everything we have got.  If we truly have a passion for loving God, people will know.  They will see our passion for God through our life example, our spirit, and our words.

A Passion for the worship of God-  With thankful hearts we gather together to give worship to our Creator.  We come to worship to experience God.  We come to worship to leave as changed people, sent to share the gospel.

A Passion to Obey God-  Many times as Christians, we tend to only obey God out of fear of punishment, or the expectation of reward.  However, we should obey God out of love.  If we love God, then we can show our love through our obedience.

A Passion to live out God's mission- In the Great Commission, Jesus sends us to go and make disciples to all people.  It is not just a one-time mission and we are done.  Jesus tells, as you are going, make disciples.  As we are living our lives, share the Gospel.

A Passion to Serve-  In Jesus' day, success was viewed as being great, holding positions of power, and having money.  Those who served were of a lower class and not viewed the same.  Jesus turns the tables and says to be great, we must be the least.  We are called to serve others.

A Passion for loving people-  We are challenged to love all people, not just those who are easy to love.  It is easy to love folks we understand, but to love those who are different takes a willingness to listen and learn.

A Passion to Invite-  We want others to know the same love and peace  that comes from knowing Christ.  We are challenged to invite all to know this love and be a part of our community of faith.

A Passion to lead others to follow- As we live out God's mission to make disciples, we want others to follow Christ's example.  As a church we seek to equip and teach others to live out their faith in Christ.