The Fragrance of a Life Well Lived

For we are to God the aroma (fragrance) of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. 2 Corinthians 2:15

I smelled it as soon as I opened the door. My mom had given me a rose from her garden two days earlier. Dad had picked some of them for my mom and she had shared one with me. It is a particularly fragrant variety and this one had large velvety petals. It had opened up into a blossom as big as two fists and was doing what it was created for: to bring beauty, attract attention to the glory of our Creator Father, and give off a lasting, identifiable fragrance of grace. I walked over to enjoy its beauty but then saw the petals on the floor. The life of the rose had ended. It has served its purpose and had done well. As I gathered up the petals and carried the stem to the kitchen for disposal, the fragrance lingered. It reminded me of my parents’ love, how fleeting life is, and how our fragrance is left behind when we are no longer a part of this world.

We have a heavenly Father Who gave His only Son to fulfill a purpose only He could fill. He brought the beauty of a sinless life well-lived, brought attention to the glory of His Heavenly Father, and taught us what grace really looks like. He left an undeniable fragrance behind that can be reflected in our service and altruistic actions if they mimic His unselfishness. Oh to catch the Father’s eye, hear Him saying, “Have you seen My ‘rose’, blooming where I placed her. Her character and speech are lovely. Her sweet nature brings glory to Our Name, and she gives off a fragrance of grace in all situations. She has served her purpose and has done well.” Better that than to leave the impressions of the thorns. Life is fleeting and fragile. We only have so much time to influence our generation for Christ. May we serve our purpose well before the petals fall.

Reflection: May the fragrance we leave behind be as sweet as the rose from my mother’s garden.

Dear Father,

Thank You for Your great love as revealed in Your Son, Jesus Christ. How lovely is His example of obedience and grace. May we reflect Your love as He did and be faithful with what we have been given. May all that we are bring glory to You, Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Mary Beth Mauney

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