“Following Jesus on the Water” -Matthew 14:22-33

In preparing for a recent mission trip to Haiti, I needed to pack a nice dress shirt and tie to speak at a pastor’s conference. I narrowed my choices down to a white shirt or blue shirt, choosing the blue shirt because white would show more dirt. I soon discovered all the pastors in Haiti only wear white shirts, however they still allowed me to speak to them in my blue shirt. I shared with them one of my favorite stories of Jesus where He walks on the water. This story follows the only miracle story to appear in all four gospels, Jesus feeding the 5,000. After He dismissed the crowd and sent the disciples ahead of Him in a boat, he goes up on the mountain by himself to pray. Then later in the night, Jesus walks out to the disciples on the water. Peter eager to join Jesus walks out on the water, however when he becomes afraid of the wind he begins to sink. Jesus reaches out, grabs Peter by the hand and saves him. Once they got into the boat the wind died down and they all recognized Jesus as God’s son.

As believers we can relate to Peter. We are eager to follow Jesus, to serve, to help, to do what is right, but when the wind and storms come, we begin to sink. Even with good intentions and efforts, living out our faith and ministering to others can at times leave us overwhelmed. We doubt, we turn our focus away from Christ and we sink. In order to follow Jesus on the water, we need to follow His example. After the miracle of feeding tIMG_0092he 5,000, Jesus took time to be alone and pray. If Jesus needed time alone, then we definitely need time alone. Today, this week, whenever we find ourselves afraid, overwhelmed, doubting, may we make time to be alone, to pray, to rest, to follows Jesus’ example.


Matt Storie

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