The mission of the children’s ministry at Zion Baptist Church is to teach children what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ by enabling children to come face-to-face with Jesus Christ (encounter Christ), fostering engagement within the body of Christ (embrace community), and leading them to become doers of the Word (extend grace).


The goal of this structure is to not pass people around through different programs or phases of church life, nor to have them graduate from one program before entering into another, but it is to instill in them and to draw them into the living and breathing community of the Church and to become part of life in Christ. In all spaces, there will be moments for children, and their families alike, to encounter Christ. These encounters will continue throughout their life and will serve as foundational and steadfast pieces for their faith. These are the places where the thin spaces are created – the moments where it seems that heaven and earth meet.

Children will be encouraged to look for Jesus in their daily lives, to look for blessings, and to also look for manifestations of the character of Jesus, be that in the actions of others or in the reflections of the Cross. All of this only matters if children are taught to seek Jesus and to let their lives be transformed by Him.

For more information about the Children’s Ministry at Zion Baptist Church, please contact Carson Putnam or our church office.

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